Andy Parks with Millie Image: KFRS

Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) is proud to introduce its newest four-legged lifesaver, Millie. The highly skilled Labrador has recently passed her exams to become a search and rescue dog for the county and internationally. 

The new four-legged lifesaver has joined the team at Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) after passing national qualifications to serve as an international search and rescue dog. 

International duties

Millie, a black Labrador, is officially ready to be deployed to incidents in Kent and Medway, but also across the globe. 

Her main role will be to work with KFRS’ technical rescue unit to help find live casualties trapped in collapsed buildings or structures, all by using airborne scents. 

By passing the National Resilience course, Millie is able to respond to emergencies anywhere in the world with the UK International Search and Rescue (UKISAR) team, such as the devastating earthquakes in Turkey earlier this year. 

She’ll also be able to assist partner agencies by searching for missing people. 

Two-year-old Millie has been expertly trained by her dedicated handler, Andy Parks, who is part of the technical rescue unit at KFRS and the UKISAR crew. 

He said: “Having Millie pass is a great achievement for the team and the whole service. I’m extremely proud her. 

“It also means we have an additional skill set to help keep people safe across Kent and Medway, and assist with international emergencies when we’re needed.” 

Andy also looks after Buzz, who is another trained search dog for the county. 

The dogs are trained vital search skills by using methods of play to help them adapt to potential rescue surroundings, such as working at height or in darkness and tight voids. 

When she’s not working, Andy said Millie has a soft nature and loves nothing more than to play with her ball. 

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