To celebrate English Tourism Week from 17th to the 26th March 2023, travel booking website, Omio , has revealed the most popular tourist landmarks in England. 

Using social data, the research ranked famous English landmarks based on TikTok views and Instagram hashtags to reveal the most popular tourist landmarks in England overall, as well as the top 20 spots outside of London. 

The White Cliffs of Dover has scraped into the list at number 20 in the Most Popular English Landmarks but reached number 11 when London Landmarks were excluded.

The Top 20 Most Popular English Landmarks 

  1. Buckingham Palace
  2. Big Ben
  3. The London Eye
  4. The Lake District
  5. Tower Bridge
  6. Windsor Castle 
  7. Stonehenge 
  8. The Peak District
  9. Trafalgar Square
  10. Sherwood Forest
  11. Blackpool Tower
  12. Tower of London
  13. St Paul’s Cathedral
  14. The Angel of the North
  15. The Cheddar Gorge
  16. Somerset House 
  17. Houses of Parliament
  18. Warwick Castle 
  19. Eden Project
  20. White Cliffs of Dover

It comes as no surprise that London landmarks make up 4 of the top 5, with Buckingham Palace coming out on top with a staggering social total of over 1.5 billion views and hashtags. 

However, Blackpool Tower has beaten other famous London landmarks, including The Tower of London and St Paul’s Cathedral, to be named more popular. 

The research also looked at the most popular English landmarks outside of London, with The Lake District coming out as the most popular, with a combined social score of 399 million. This was followed by Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, The Peak District and Robin Hood’s famous home,  Sherwood Forest. 

The Top 20 Most Popular English Landmarks Outside of London

White Cliffs of Dover

  1. The Lake District
  2. Windsor Castle 
  3. Stonehenge 
  4. The Peak District
  5. Sherwood Forest
  6. Blackpool Tower
  7. The Angel of the North 
  8.  The Cheddar Gorge
  9. Warwick Castle 
  10. Eden Project
  11. White Cliffs of Dover
  12. Chatsworth House 
  13. Hadrian’s Wall 
  14. Alnwick Castle 
  15. Tyne Bridge
  16. York Minster
  17. Blenheim Palace
  18. Durham Cathedral 
  19. Epping Forest
  20. The Cavern Club

It appears the North is a popular region for tourist landmarks, with 60% of landmarks outside of London located in this part of England.  

About the survey

The top English landmarks were selected  from YouGov’s most popular landmarks survey, eliminating museums and focusing solely on landmarks in England. These landmarks were then ranked by the amount of TikTok views and Instagram hashtags to rank the overall most popular. All data was collected on 10th March 2023. 

Compiled by travel booking website, Omio 

By Ed

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