‘American CousinPeter Jurzynski in Folkestone 2019

Folkestone’s American Cousin and former American Channel swimming record holder Peter Jurzynski, has penned his latest ‘Letter from America’ following the sad news of the passing of Her Majesty, The Queen.

Peter writes: “This American would like to express deep sorrow on the Queen’s death but also say what a wonderful country Britain is today.

“The Queen certainly was an example of dignity honour and respect that helped make the UK  what it is today.

“As regular readers may know, I am a great fan of Britain and its institutions and it’s people.

“Having spent much time in the UK over four, or is it five, decades and an avid reader of British politics and the monarchy issues, I know how Prime Ministers are selected and how the process works upon the death of a monarch.

“Nonetheless I have been extremely impressed with this past week of British history

Fortunately I have the BBC on my TV in Connecticut and I have been glued to the BBC since last Monday when the vote count was announced for the new PM and the following Queen’s appointment  of Liz Truss on Tuesday to the Queen’s passing on Thursday and to King Charles III  address on Friday.

“What  a week! Within a few days a new Prime Minister and new Monarch!

“My view has always been that British are classy, honourable and dignified people which was demonstrated at the Queen’s service on Friday.

“The Prime Minister’s calm presence, and the King’s reflective and inclusive address gave reassurance to the nation and commonwealth.

“I wish I was in the UK at this time, but rest assured I will stay tuned to the BBC and read this publication and the national British press.”

Thank you Queen Elizabeth

God save the King

Peter Jurzynski 

Peter Jurzynski on a Christmas visit to Folkestone in 2019



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