Police officers have seized suspected stolen vehicles in Dartford while assisting partners to enter land, following reports of illegal waste processing, environmental damage and anti-social behaviour.

On Friday 21 June 2024, patrols moved onto land off Darenth Wood Road accompanied by colleagues from Dartford Borough Council, Sevenoaks District Council, the Environment Agency, National Highways and HMRC.

Seized vehicles LATEST
Seized vehicles.

While checks were being completed, several suspected stolen vehicles including a motorhome, John Deere Gator, towable generator, quad bike, Ford Fiesta, as well as multiple car parts were seized by police.

The enforcement teams also gathered evidence relating to the suspected illegal acquisition of land and waste processing, extensive damage to the natural environment and animal cruelty.

An investigation is now underway into the seized vehicles, and partner agencies are progressing their enquiries into the other suspected criminal activities at the site as well as breaches of civil law.

Inspector Lee Cheesman, of the Dartford Community Safety Unit, said:

‘We have received multiple reports of anti-social behaviour at this location and were pleased to join our partners who were investigating other allegations.

‘We are determined to target those whose disorderly behaviour affects the quality of life of nearby communities and, on arriving at the property, it quickly became apparent that some of those who use the location were responsible for a range of suspected offences. Working with partners’ enforcement teams, our investigators will ensure those responsible are held to account for their actions.’

Environmental concerns

A Dartford Borough Council spokesperson said: ‘By clamping down on illegal activity like this, Dartford Borough Council, together with Kent Police and partner agencies, can help eradicate some of the leading causes of fly-tipping and related crimes in our borough.

‘Environmental crime affects the whole community and Dartford residents should not have to put up with this type of anti-social behaviour. We will continue to work to ensure that Dartford does not become a dumping ground for waste’.

An Environment Agency spokesperson said:

‘This is a great example of partners working together to stop waste criminals.
‘Anyone who suspects illegal activity can report it to our 24-hour incident hotline 0800 807060 or anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.’

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