Police stopping vehicles in Broad Oak Road Canterbury

More than 150 vehicles were stopped and checked in a traffic operation carried out by Kent Special Constabulary in Canterbury. It led to over half of the vehicles (81) stopped in Broad Oak Road during the six-hour operation had action taken against them as a result of the checks.

During the afternoon of Saturday 18 May 2024, the Specials, assisted by Kent Police Cadets, looked at whether vehicles were in a roadworthy state, had the correct documentation for them, and if motorists were driving properly with due care and attention on the road and according to the law.

Police spent time speaking to people about the ‘fatal four’ offences – factors which contribute to the majority of serious or fatal collisions: 

  • speeding,
  • using a mobile phone at the wheel,
  • not wearing a seatbelt and
  • driving under the influence of drink and/or drugs.

Out of the 152 vehicles stopped, 61 were reported for various offences, including speeding, insufficient tyre tread, vehicle conditions likely to cause danger of injury and not wearing a seatbelt.

Two vehicles were seized due to having no insurance, and another 20 vehicles were dealt with through warnings given, including a warning issued for anti-social driving as well as vehicles being reported for no tax or valid MOT.

Special Inspector James Johnston said:

‘Kent Special Constabulary are all volunteers whose dedicated work in Canterbury during the operation aimed to remind motorists of their responsibilities to help keep our roads safe for all.

‘If you get behind the wheel of a car which isn’t roadworthy or insured, it becomes a risk for other road users too.

‘During this one-day operation 54 per cent of the vehicles seen had an issue and had action taken against them as a result. I hope it serves as a reminder to all motorists to play their part and to drive safely.’

By Ed

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