Officers speaking to motorists during the operation

A clampdown on nuisance vehicles has continued with officers taking action against drivers in Medway and north Kent.

On Friday 19 April 2024, police officers from Dartford’s Community Safety Unit were deployed to Ebbsfleet following reports of persistent anti-social behaviour (ASB) involving car drivers.

The motorists were meeting in the Castle Hill area where they were causing a hazard to other road users, and excessive noise which was disturbing those who lived on the estate. Police, along with Special Constables, visited Platinum Jubilee Park where they stopped 13 people and took their details. Officers spoke to the group about their conduct and told them to leave the area and not return.

Work has also been ongoing in Medway to also tackle similar issues and on Sunday 14 April, officers from Medway’s beat team, Rural Task Force and special constables targeted ASB involving off-road bikes. Partners from Medway Council also supported the operation. Patrolling took place across green spaces in Chatham and Gillingham to identify anyone riding recklessly, without insurance, and/or not displaying a licence plate.

During the day officers spoke to several people, including some who were seen unloading off-road vehicles in preparation to use them on footpaths and open spaces. A bike was seized in Hoo after it was reported to have been used antisocially.

Police also issued several Section 59 warnings to motorists which will see their bikes seized if they are seen causing a nuisance with their vehicles again.

Both Medway and Dartford are areas protected under a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO). The PSPO has been introduced in both areas to tackle antisocial behaviour and includes restrictions such as driving in a convoy, racing, performing stunts, revving engines, wheel spinning and playing music.

Inspector Mick Hayes, of Medway’s Community Safety Unit, said:

‘Both PSPOs have been introduced following public consultations and we will continue to work closely with the council to ensure the order is enforced.

‘We do not underestimate the impact that ASB can have on those working, living and visiting an area and we will continue to tackle this issue proactively.’

By Ed

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