A prolific Canterbury shoplifter has been banned from entering a number of stores in the city after receiving a three-year Criminal Behaviour Order.

Nina Roach, 36, who has numerous convictions for theft appeared at Folkestone Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday 10 April 2024. She pleaded guilty to stealing bottles of alcohol from two separate shops in Canterbury and was ordered to pay £93 in compensation.

Following an application by Kent Police, related to Roach’s persistent offending, the magistrates also issued her with a Criminal Behaviour Order which prevents her from entering four specific branches of Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Tesco and Poundland. She must also leave any business immediately when requested to do so and engage with a drug rehabilitation charity.

Should she breach any of the requirements of her order then she risks being arrested and sent to prison.

Last resort

Sergeant Daniel Bartlett of Kent Police’s Antisocial Behaviour Team said:

‘Nina Roach is sadly well known by local businesses owners for the thefts she has committed and appears unwilling to change her ways.

‘A Criminal Behaviour Order is only ever issued as a last resort and when we can demonstrate to a court that a person’s actions are having a detrimental impact on local people, which is most certainly the case in this instance.

‘Tackling shoplifting is a priority for Kent Police and we do not hesitate to take strong action against offenders like Roach whose crimes cause great hardship for local business owners.’

By Ed

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