During the evening of 9 November 2023, a man was making food deliveries for a supermarket when he stopped in London Road but whilst the vehicle was stationary, a man suddenly approached, opened the passenger door and got into the vehicle.

The man, Jimmy Lee, who appeared intoxicated, demanded a lift and became aggressive when the driver declined. Lee held a knife to the victim’s throat, started shouting and threatened to stab him.

Jimmy LeeImage Kent Police

Fearing for his safety, the delivery driver drove slowly towards the town centre but during the journey, Lee punched the driver’s head and stole his wallet and gloves.

The victim then spotted a vehicle containing paramedics and when his assailant was distracted, managed to escape from the van and get assistance.

At this point, Lee got out of the vehicle holding the victim’s rucksack and coat but was detained by patrols that promptly arrived at the scene. Police recovered the victim’s property along with Lee’s knife and he was taken into custody.

Lee, from Northfleet was charged and pleaded guilty to kidnap at Woolwich Crown Court. On Friday 22 March 2024, the 36-year-old was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment.

PC Chelsey Farmer, of North Division CID, said:

‘Lee’s victim suffered an appalling ordeal and was genuinely in fear that he would suffer significant harm. Nonetheless, he remained composed and when the opportunity presented itself, managed to escape and alert the emergency services.

‘Lee is a violent man who was already armed with a knife when he targeted a delivery driver who was just doing his job. He is now serving a prison sentence and north Kent will undoubtedly be a safer place in his absence.’

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