The road leads down to the picturesque harbour Photo: Hawkinge Gazette

Kent County Council (KCC) and Folkestone & Hythe District Council (FHDC) are continuing to work together to examine the extent of the damage caused by fallen trees in the Road of Remembrance.

KCC was called in the early hours of Saturday 27th January to clear fallen trees which had been reported to be blocking the road but after a team arrived it was discovered the fallen trees appeared to have been caused by a landslip and the removal of the trees had to be halted until further investigation was carried out.

A damaged wall caused by a landslip at the Road of Remembrance in Folkestone

KCC and FHDC working together to examine the aftermath of the landslip Photo: KCC

As the investigation continues the road closure is enabling work due to be carried out this week to reduce the height of trees on the steep bank alongside the road and clear litter. By carrying out the work now it’s hoped to avoid the road having to be closed again later.

As well as assessing the stability of the bank and surrounding area, contact is also being made with the owners of the land which forms the bank.

The road, which links the harbour area with The Leas remains closed to ensure public safety and a diversion is signposted for drivers and those on foot.

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