Warden House Primary School students had a blast in Parliament last week, where they met Deal MP Natalie Elphicke and learned about the workings of democracy.

The students were amazed by the Parliament Education Centre, a room that simulates the Commons Chamber with projections on the walls. They felt like they were part of the action, as they asked and answered questions in the House.

Natalie was impressed by the students’ curiosity and knowledge, as they quizzed her about her role for Dover & Deal and various issues, from climate change and the ULEZ to Deal Police Station. The students also showed their global awareness, as they raised questions about the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel and the small boats crisis.

Natalie praised the students and the school, saying:

“It was a joy to speak to the students. They are so smart, thoughtful, and interested in what’s going on in the world. Warden House is an outstanding school, and it shows. I want to congratulate the head, teachers and everyone in the school community for their amazing work.

“The Parliament Education Centre is a wonderful place to learn. I want more students from our area to have the opportunity to visit Parliament – that’s why I’m fighting for schools to get funding support for these trips, like other parts of the country do.”

By Ed

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