There is a one in ten chance of a Turkey fatberg blockage in customers’ pipes and drains during the festive period, if householders tip fat, oil and grease down the kitchen sink according to Southern Water. 

This could lead to unexpected Christmas misery, if turkey fat is allowed to seep down plugholes and could lead to expensive drain blockage bills. That’s if you can find a plumber who is working on Christmas Day!   

As communities gather to celebrate Christmas, New Year, Buddhism’s Bodhi Day and Jewish Hanukah, don’t be the party pooper and cause a blockage that could affect your neighbours too.

This could lead to flooding and there is also the risk of contamination, since grease sludge can harbour bacteria, that causes disease. 

44,500 blockages in Kent in the last five years

The number of blockages including fat, oil and grease and other ‘unflushable’ items in Kent in the last five years was 44,500. 

Around 66 per cent of blockages are preventable. Fat, oil and grease (FOG) should never go down the drain. Instead, allow them to cool in containers and put them in the bin.   

Alternatively, you could be your own Christmas Master Chef and freeze turkey fat in containers to make stock cubes. They can be added to casseroles for an extra kick of flavour and can be used to enhance a host of dishes such as soups, stews, risottos and roast potatoes.   

In Kent there have been 44,500 sewer blockages over the past five years.

For every 1 million turkeys cooked, around 250 tonnes of fat and oil can find its way into the network.

Christmas lights, footballs, t-shirts and cutlery are just some of the ‘unflushables’ found in the sewers over recent years.

Flush only the three Ps down the loo – pee, paper and poo. Nappies, baby wipes, tampons, sanitary towels, panty liners, colostomy bags and condoms should be bagged and binned. Cleansing wipes, ear buds, dental floss, plastic razors and cotton pads should all go in the bin, not down the loo. 

A big thanks to all our customers who already dispose of household waste correctly. Make it one of your New Year’s Resolutions to  keep it clear, and you’ll be doing your bit to help prevent blockages and flooding.  image of fat in a pipe can be used with this news release.

By Ed

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