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Police officers in Swale have fined 40 drivers for various driving offences as part of a proactive operation to improve road safety in the area.

On Saturday 12 August 2023, members of Kent Police’s Special Constabulary stopped drivers in Mill Way, Sittingbourne, and identified 47 offences.

The offences included 16 drivers not wearing seatbelts, one driver speeding, two drivers using their mobile phones, and two drivers with illegal number plates.

Other violations involved windows that were too dark, a child that was not secured properly, and two cars that were unfit to be on the road due to damage.

The officers also gave advice to drivers for minor issues such as a low tyre tread, broken brake lights, and missing or wrongly fitted number plates.

Inspector Vanessa Foster from Kent Police Community Safety Unit said: ‘We are determined to make our roads safer and to send a clear message that we will not tolerate dangerous or anti-social driving in our community.

‘We will continue to patrol the area and take appropriate action against any motorists who put themselves or others at risk.’

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