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If you live in Larkfield, be careful when using a cash machine. Someone has been messing with an ATM in London Road, on Saturday 8 July 2023.

A customer tried to withdraw money from the machine outside a bank, but nothing came out. The thieves probably came back later and took the cash with a hidden device.

Police Sergeant Nick Atkinson said: ‘We are looking into this case and checking the CCTV cameras nearby. We don’t know exactly how the thieves stole the money, but sometimes they use tape to stick something to the part where the money comes out. If you see anything strange on an ATM, tell the bank or the police right away.

‘Always cover the keypad when you type your PIN. If your card gets stuck or doesn’t work, check the front of the machine and call your bank as soon as possible.’

If you notice anyone acting weird around cash machines, tell the police online at, or call 999 if it’s an emergency.

By Ed

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