It’s not just the price of fuel that makes driving expensive. Officers on patrol in Maidstone who stopped a car full of people were all fined for not wearing a seatbelt!

On Wednesday 5 July 2023 on the A229 Chatham Road the car was stopped and officers found the driver was not insured either. All four occupants were issued with a Traffic Offence Report, those without a seatbelt were fined £100 each and the driver received an additional fine of £300 and six points on his driving licence.

Officers from the Proactive Targeting Team seized the vehicle and made arrangements with the driver for it to be collected by someone who was insured. The man arrived with a friend later in the day to collect the car but following checks, the friend wasn’t insured to drive the vehicle he had arrived in and so was also fined and given points.

The same team of officers stopped another driver in Earl Street that day for using his mobile phone at the wheel and for having a crack in his windscreen. He was issued with two fines totalling £300 and nine points on his licence.

Inspector Tom Pooley from the Tactical Operations Command said: ‘The majority of motorists drive safely however some still aren’t getting the message that seatbelts must be worn at all times for their own safety and that of others. It is also clear that some motorists still think it is OK to use their mobile phones without a hands free kit. It is not OK at any time. It only takes a second to be distracted and cause a potentially fatal accident. This small mistake could change lives forever.

‘Road safety is one of the main focuses of Kent Police’s Safer Summer initiative and officers will continue to take action against those who disregard the law and put themselves and other road users at risk.’

Click here for further support and advice relating to road safety and here for more information about #SaferSummer.

By Ed

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