Neighbourhood officers have received more reports of water pistols causing trouble in Swale in the past month.

On Thursday 22 June 2023, officers dealt with a report of teenagers using water guns to annoy a bakery in Sittingbourne High Street. The water did not harm the staff, the goods, or the building, but the anti-social behaviour affected the business.

In other cases, water pistols used in the area have scared and upset people who thought they were real weapons. This has led to reports of firearm issues to Kent Police. These investigations waste time and resources that could be used for incidents that are actually dangerous to the public.

PS Ryan Chase, from the Swale Community Safety Unit, said: ‘We understand that people may want to have fun and cool down with water fights during the longer, hotter days and the summer holidays.

‘However, anyone who uses water guns should make sure they do not cause any alarm or offence to others on purpose or by accident. It is against the law to cause public distress with fake firearms, so water guns that look like real weapons should only be used on private property and not in public places.

‘If necessary, we will use dispersal orders to give officers more authority to deal with anti-social behaviour and send away groups who keep causing problems.’

By Ed

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