Thanet is set to welcome Tivoli, a Margate-based drag performer, for a unique and hopeful performance.

Tivoli was born during the lockdown as part of a drag internship with Shelley Grotto, Casey Sea, and Cara Couture.

Wonky body

After appearing sporadically at queer venues around Thanet, Tivoli will be showcasing their performance ‘Stop Relying on that Body’ – a show that brings together music, movement, and comedy to tell the story of two personas inhabiting one very wonky body, all while challenging traditional notions of drag performances.

Drag queen who can’t dance

Tivoli describes their dress code as ‘unicorn fever dream,’ always in flats, because good posture is fundamental, and falling from a great height is not cute. As a drag queen who can’t dance, Tivoli focuses on storytelling through music, movement, and comedy, creating a touching and inspiring performance. 

‘Stop Relying on that Body’ is a deeply personal show that explores themes of chronic illness, queer community, and medical trauma through a hopeful lens. The performance brings together the big stuff with joy, finding the surreal in the serious and bringing it together into something beautiful.

Unique perspective

“I am thrilled to be working on ‘Stop Relying on that Body’ thanks to Unlimited and Looping the Loop,” says Tivoli. “I am excited to challenge traditional notions of drag performances and showcase my unique perspective. Through this show, I hope to inspire audiences to think differently about chronic illness and medical trauma.”

Ellie Jones, Artistic Director of Looping the Loop, notes “Through this program, we can support disabled artists in creating new, exciting work that challenges norms and inspires audiences. We’re delighted to support Tivoli’s ‘Stop Relying on that Body’ alongside Touretteshero’s new show ‘Burnt Out In Biscuit Land’.” 


Tivoli is supported by the Unlimited micro commission programme and produced by the Thanet-based arts company, Looping the Loop.

‘Stop Relying on that Body’ is a 15 min show. It will be performed after ‘Burnt Out In Biscuit Land’ by Touretteshero on 8-9 June, at Turner Contemporary, 7pm. It is organised by Looping the Loop and tickets may be booked through

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