Isle of Sheppey author, Peter Cheghwidden’s latest book, goes back to his roots drawing on personal and family memories of his time growing up in South Woodford and the surrounding areas of east London and the Essex border during the fifties, sixties and seventies.

As a young teenager a determined Enid Campton has her life mapped out. She will become a
secretary until she marries childhood sweetheart Micky Bowen and then she will become a

Micky is missing

However, 1939 brings War and Enid’s life changes forever. Micky joins the army and she enlists
in the ATS. Then news arrives that Micky is missing, presumably killed in action.

She keeps her dreams alive but as time passes hope fades. She meets a seemingly kind man, love grows, and they marry after the War, only for Micky to arrive home from Japan where he has been a prisoner.


Heartbroken, Enid realises it is too late. Her husband is revealed as a womaniser who uses brutal violence too readily.

With Micky now married all she has left are her two young daughters and she resolves she will be strong for them, ensuring they have happy childhoods, and in devoting herself to them she will make something of her own life despite her loveless and unhappy marriage.

Peter Chegwidden’s latest book


But there is a terrible tragedy and some serious shocks in store for Enid.

Meanwhile Micky makes the most of his own life, never quite free of his love for Enid.

The Valour of the Heart, is now available from Amazon, Kindle £2.99, paperback £6.99.

By Ed

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