Employees at Sparshatt Truck & Van wearing t-shirts with inspirational quotes at their Sittingbourne depot

Colleagues at Sparshatt Truck and Van marked International Women’s Day by celebrating inspirational women in the commercial vehicle sector, to create awareness of the importance of equity and inclusion in the workplace and to encourage women to join this sector to advance their careers.

The dealership, which has four sites in Ashford, Dartford, Sittingbourne, and Tonbridge invited all colleagues to take a moment to celebrate International Women’s Day and to wear a t-shirt featuring inspirational quotes from both men and women.

Sparshatt Truck & Van partnered with local school, Fulston Manor, to give students, Sadie Young and Charlie Watkin, who are both studying Art Photography at A Level, the opportunity to photograph the event.

Women across the business have been interviewed and are proud of being part of breaking down barriers in the commercial vehicle industry.  

Amanda Marks, joined Sparshatt Truck & Van as a Senior Service Advisor in 2019.  Amanda has worked in the motor trade for 13 years, and found a passion for the industry when she started working for a valeting company back in 2010. From this, she then moved on to car sales and eventually onto service in 2014.


Amanda said: “Being a woman on the front line of a male-dominated industry can be quite tough from time to time. I have worked in the motor trade for 13 years, and during this time I have been on technical training courses and gained quite a bit of knowledge throughout my career.

“I also have quite a lot of technical knowledge from being hands-on in my personal time with my own vehicles, so it can be very frustrating when some customers ask to speak to someone else (a man) to clarify what I have just told them.


“But on the other hand, I do get the utmost respect from my colleagues which is more important to me as these are the people I’m working with and seeing every day.”

With a number of female employees already in a range of roles across the company, the dealership is keen to break the stereotype around women working in the commercial vehicle sector.

Sparshatt Truck & Van are committed to providing equal opportunities and supporting everyone in their career journeys.

Sparshatt Truck & Van- (left–right) James Mansford, Marc Wilkinson, Barry Tompsett, Richard Harris in their branded quote t-shirts at the dealership’s Tonbridge depot site.

Ramona Barkiene, joined Sparshatt Truck & Van in July 2021 as a Truck Workshop Service Advisor. When discussing how she finds working in an industry needs to continue breaking down barriers, Ramona said: “I really enjoy working here at Sparshatt Truck and Van – all colleagues whether male or female are very helpful and if I have any problems, I know I can go to them for any guidance or advice.

“I would say that the main challenge as a woman when working in the automotive industry is when men are seeking “another man’s” reassurance when handling everyday tasks.”


Sarah Collyer, Head of Marketing at Sparshatt Truck & Van said; “We are extremely proud to be part of the collective effort to drive more women into the commercial vehicle sector.  Recent research shows that women currently represent 20% of the automotive workforce – International Women’s Day is a time to reflect and recognise more progress needs to be made. 

Here at Sparshatt we are proud to be inclusive and equal, and today has been about celebrating this as well as inspirational women in the industry”

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the achievements of women, promoting equality and raising awareness about discrimination.

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