A woman who posing as a police officer and housing warden to defraud vulnerable pensioners has been sentenced to more than 2 years’ imprisonment.

Emma Fuggles was arrested and charged for burglary, two counts of theft, and two counts of fraud, having made off with a total of over £700 from her two elderly victims.

Emma Fuggles - DESKTOP
Emma Fuggles

Posed as a police officer

At 7pm on 9 September 2022, Fuggles, visited a Maidstone address, posing as a police officer.

She convinced a man he was suspected of an offence and persuaded him to hand over two bank cards and their PINs, threatening him with arrest if he didn’t.

The fraudster walked away with the cards under the pretence she was going to call her sergeant to discuss the alleged case against the victim.

Fuggles, 45, from Maidstone, withdrew a total of £500 from a local cash machine.

On her return to the property, the thief took a further £40 from the victim’s wallet telling him she had been unable to contact her sergeant but would return the next morning.

On 10 September, Fuggles returned to the victim’s home address with the intention of stealing more money. The victim said he had called the police and Fuggles fled scene.


Just days later, at around 6.30am on 12 September, Fuggles let herself into the home of a vulnerable man, this time posing as a housing officer. She stole the victim’s bank card and made two withdrawals from a local cash machine, totalling over £150, before returning to the property.

This time, the victim’s care assistant was on scene who asked Fuggles for identification. She went to her car claiming she would retrieve her ID card but, instead, drove off.


Fuggles appeared before Maidstone Crown Court on Friday 10 February 2023, where she was sentenced to 2 years and 4 months’ imprisonment.

Investigating officer, DC Mark Beeching of Maidstone CID said: ‘Fuggles repeatedly exploited vulnerable members of the community for her own financial gain. What’s worse, in both instances she brazenly returned to the scene of the crime to take further advantage of her victims.

‘Fuggles is a prolific offender with a history of criminal activity, so it is right that she serves time behind bars after failing to amend her ways.’

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