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Firefighters are urging everyone to take care with candles following a house fire in Chatham.

Three fire engines were called to Ordnance Street on Christmas Day.

Crews wearing breathing apparatus put out the fire using a hose reel jet. A high pressure fan was later used to clear the property of smoke.

Firefighters also provided oxygen to two people, before handing them into the care of SECamb paramedics. 


The fire is believed to have started accidentally, and has been linked to candles burning on a table.

Firefighters are now issuing the following important candle safety advice:

  • candles should be fitted in a sturdy candle holder, and placed on a non-flammable surface 
  • avoid leaving them unattended when burning 
  • make sure they aren’t burning close to curtains, bedding, clothing or plants which could catch fire 
  • always extinguish candles before going to sleep or going out

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