The security of a firm is of utmost importance and in this modern world, where technology is already taking over how companies are run and how they function day-to-day, cyber security has become just as imperative as physical safety. 

So, with this in mind, here are the latest security issues facing small businesses across different industries and how you can protect your company against them. 

Burglary & Equipment Theft

The rise in thefts and burglaries of commercial premises is entirely in line with the increase in break-ins to private properties across the country and, as such, company owners and managers need to do everything they can to make it as hard as possible for equipment, data, and technology to be stolen. 

One of the most basic, yet effective, deterrents for opportunistic burglars is that of a full CCTV camera installation across the site, as well as at the entrance and exits. Other ways to deter burglars from your office include ensuring that emergency lighting, at least, is switched on through the night and early hours of the morning and hiring a security guard for the building. 


Whether you are operating from a virtual office space, such as those supplied by the established and prominent, or else from a physical workplace setting, cybersecurity, as touched on above, is an exceedingly prominent and very real threat. 

Fortunately, there are now plenty of proven-to-be effective ways of protecting your company from cyber-criminals, including:

  • Focus on endpoint security.
  • Always back up every piece of data.
  • Protect your Wi-Fi connection. 
  • Manage who can access what.
  • Separate passwords and usernames for every employee.
  • Install a trusted firewall system. 

Even if your company does not store a great deal of customer and employee information online, you should still make every effort to be as cyber-secure as possible. 


Even though you may currently be thinking to yourself that nobody would want to wander into your workplace and start rifling through your information and checking your computers, you would be surprised to learn just how common this is.

Physical trespassers on company property are even more regular when it comes to larger businesses and so you should introduce companywide ID cards, for the safety of both your staff and your customers. 

Hybrid Working Issues

The fourth largest threat in terms of security for businesses in the United Kingdom, as well as internationally, has been brought about by the fairly new addition of the hybrid working concept

If your company does have even a few people working either entirely remotely, or else splitting their time between the office and home, then your networks will have expanded and, therefore, it is important to identify and provide extra security to each egress and ingress point. 

Essentially, in terms of security issues facing companies with employees working from home, such a business needs to provide VPNs to counteract the fact that networks will be accessed over public networks and using modem interfaces exposed through home Wi-Fi routers. 

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