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It’s been announced Bloomsbury Continuum has acquired world rights for the biography, Rivals in the Storm: Lloyd George in Power by Folkestone and Hythe MP  Damian Collins.

Collins’ biography Rivals in the Storm is understood to be told in a series of cinematic snapshots, taking us inside the rooms where decisions were made, and showing the bitter struggles, triumphs and ultimately the failures of Lloyd George’s life.

Lloyd George had a considerable reputation as a womaniser, including an alleged long affair with the wife of a Parliamentary colleague in the 1890s.

His biographer Travis Crosbie comments that although he clearly enjoyed the company of women much of the information is based on hearsay rather than actual evidence and that his reputation may well be considerably exaggerated.

David Lloyd George was one of the great men of his or any other age. Born into rural poverty in North Wales, he rose through charisma, fierce intelligence and fighting spirit to become, as Churchill put it at his funeral, a man who ‘stood, when at his zenith, without a rival’.

Rivals in the Storm: Lloyd George in Power by Damian Collins will be published in hardback by Bloomsbury Continuum in 2024.

Publisher Tomasz Hoskins acquired world all language rights from Martin Redfern at Northbank Talent Management.

Not the first

This is the second biography penned by Damian Collins.

In 2016, Charmed Life – the phenomenal world of Philip Sassoon was published to critical acclaim.

Literary Review wrote of the biography: ‘Sassoon’s legacy was like a rare scent on a pocket handkerchief. Damian Collins has done a good job in assembling the pieces to create a readable and lively picture of this extravagant creature’

The book is available on Amazon

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