Left – WW2 Spitfire and Lancaster bomber over Folkestone Harbour- Right- The Lancaster turningPhotos: Ray Duff

By Ray Duff – Once again Folkestone was thronged with tens of thousands of locals and visitors across The Leas, seafront beaches, Harbour Arm and East Cliff, who had come to enjoy the annual air displays. 

During the day people were also able to visit the many other attractions during the event sited along the broad Leas area

Left: Some of the Classic cars. Right- The bandstand in full swing Photos: Ray Duff

At the furthest end of the Leas a large collection of vintage cars had been assembled on both Saturday and Sunday, whilst many stalls, a fun fair and vintage WW2 aircraft and vehicles were positioned between these and the Leas Cliff Hall and beyond, as the Bandstand music rang out on both days.

At around 12.20 on Sunday the famous Battle of Britain flight of an Avro Lancaster and Spitfire both making passes whilst people jockeyed for taking the best photos.

Left: The Red Arrows display smoke during a formation. Right- The jets rise above the Channel Photos: Ray Duff

Later in the afternoon a Chinook helicopter also performed several swooping passes offshore followed by a Puma. 

L-R  John Sweeney, Central Flying School with Sqdn Leader Graeme Muscat, ‘Red10’ Photos: Ray Duff

The event was rounded off by the arrival of the famous RAF Red Arrows which had left Southend airport shortly before; roaring in above the Leas Cliff Hall then speeding out over the Channel before returning to perform several spectacular aerial displays along the coastline and offshore.

These included the intricate ‘corkscrew’ and ‘Apollo’ formations.

Tens of thousands viewing the air display from the Leas Photo: Ray Duff

During the displays Squadron Leader Cmdr Graeme Muscat, known as ‘Red 10’ broadcast a commentary from the Leas Cliff hall vantage point, whilst he was in touch with lead aircraft Red1.

L-R  Old and new with a jeep & mock up WW2 Spitfire on The Leas, as the modern Red Arrows streak over the seafront beach Photos: Ray Duff

Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves, including ‘yours truly’ and like many hope the event can be repeated annually from now onwards.

By Ed

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