As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a great first impression.

If you’re a business owner who is looking to expand their operation, bringing more clients in is key to boosting sales and success. This means it’s up to you to meet with potential clients and showcase what your business has to offer.

When leaving a client meeting, you’ll want them to have a big smile on their face and be keen to do business with you. For formalities to get off to the best start, here are some excellent ways how you can make a positive first impression with clients.

Do Your Research

Before you shake hands with a potential business client, use the time before the meeting to do as much research as possible about them. From what kind of client they are, the business they run, and who they are already partnered with, you can never do too much research. Once you’ve found out more about the client, you’ll know what questions to ask when you meet them and be prepared for all eventualities. 

Showcase Your Business in the Best Light

When arriving at your client meeting, make sure you come prepared and have everything needed to showcase your company in a positive light. If you’re bringing along products for clients to try, the packaging they’re in can make a real difference. If you enlist the services of luxury packaging providers like Maxipos, their bespoke packaging will show clients that you care about quality over anything else. As well as products, make sure you have a business card with you that you can hand over.

Ask Thoughtful Questions

While a potential client will likely ask you a ton of questions about your business, be prepared to ask some back too. After all, it’s a two-way street. Not only are they sussing you out to see if they want to do business with you, but you’ll be also looking whether they’re the right fit for your brand too. Arm yourself with an array of thoughtful questions as this will show you’ve done your research and your client is sure to be impressed!

Maintain Eye Contact

This is a must when meeting a potential client. Maintaining eye contact will show that you’re confident in your abilities and able to stand your ground. If you’re not looking your client in the eye, this may indicate that you’re shy, which is definitely not what your client wants. Making eye contact helps both you and the client read facial expressions and focus on the conversation. 

Flash a Smile

Something as simple as flashing a smile can get the meeting off to a great start and make everyone feel comfortable and at ease. You need to have warm body language throughout the conversation as this can go a long way in forming a connection and showing that you’re actively listening to what the client is saying.

If there’s a chance of a potential business partner or client coming on board, pulling out all the stops and maintaining professionalism is key to creating a great first impression. As long as you do all the above, your meeting should be a success and help you form long-lasting partnerships.

By Ed

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