Three Ashford people have each been issued with a £400 Fixed Penalty Notice following a fly-tipping incident investigated by Ashford Borough Council’s Environmental Enforcement Team.

The council reported that in mid-May CCTV at the council-owned Kingfisher House residential block in Ford Way recorded two women drive up before taking black rubbish bags from their car and dumping them in communal bins designated only for the use of tenants of the six-storey building. 

Investigations revealed that both the driver and the passenger were not tenants of the building.

Ashford Borough Council reported that during interview under caution the driver said that she had dumped the waste there because she had failed to put out her own bins for collection, and therefore drove and dumped her waste into the bin store at Kingfisher House.

Duty of Care

In doing this, the council said she had failed in her Duty of Care responsibilities for her household waste, and both the driver and the passenger were issued £400 Fixed Penalty Notices.

A man who is the Registered Keeper of the vehicle was also served with a £400 Fixed Penalty Notice as the liable owner of a vehicle involved in a fly-tipping incident, even though he was not actually present when the offence was committed.

Illegal dumping

  • Ashford Borough Council says it takes the illegal dumping of waste very seriously and will issue fines against offenders and car owners involved in fly-tipping.
  • Householders have a Duty of Care to ensure that they dispose of their household waste correctly.
  • If you have bulk rubbish this can be disposed of at the local Household Waste and Recycling centre or by arranging bulk collection services for a low fee provided by our contractor.
  • If you are caught fly-tipping using a vehicle then the registered keeper is liable and fines will be served.

Ashford Borough Council appeal

Many of the leads that end with offenders being caught come from residents alerting the team to fly-tipping incidents by using the Report It page on the council’s website

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