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Residents are being asked to have a say on the renewal of the district’s anti-social behaviour Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) rules. 

A consultation on the PSPO is running until Thursday 5 May. Anti-social behaviour covers everything from litter to aggressive dogs, vandalism to noisy neighbours, and public drunkenness to noisy vehicles, but the PSPO focuses on seven specific measures: 

  • Control of anti-social alcohol consumption in a public place.
  • No use of intoxicating substances in a public place. 
  • No urinating, spitting or defecating in a public place.
  • No begging.
  • Control of anti-social street entertainment.
  • Control of unauthorised street fundraising and marketing.
  • Control of unauthorised camping.

Failure to comply with a PSPO results in a £100 Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN), which must be paid within 14 days. Failure to pay a FPN can mean a court prosecution and fine of up to £1,000.

The current PSPO came into force on 21 June 2019 for a period of three years. 

Cllr Jenny Hollingsbee, F&HDC Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “The anti-social behaviour PSPO is an important means to tackle street-level anti-social behaviour in the district and we would like to hear what people think of it.

“By identifying and addressing a particular nuisance or problem in a particular area, we are ensuring that public spaces can be safely used and enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.”

Cllr Jenny Hollingsbee

To see the full anti-social behaviour PSPO and how you can take part in the consultation, please go here:

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