On Saturday 16 April at 2pm, the UK coastguard tasked the relief RNLI lifeboat Erics Legend to a 10.5m yacht taking on water with two persons on board, 3.5 miles south west of Dungeness point.

Relief Shannon Erics Legend 13-40 preparing to launch
Relief Shannon Lifeboat Erics Legend 13-40 preparing to launch

Once on scene Coxswain Stuart Adams transferred one of his volunteer crew to assess the situation. The decision was made prior to undertaking a tow that this was the safest way to assist the casualty. The stricken vessel was taken to the safe and suitable port of Dover.

Skipper seasick

Coxswain Adams said ‘the persons on board were wearing lifejackets and had all the proper safety equipment. The engine problem occurred but the skipper was overcome with seasickness so he made the right call to ask for assistance’

Erics Legend 13-40 was recently donated by Jean Cass in memory of her late husband Eric.

By Ed

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