The kitchen of an Ashford home has suffered from smoke damage after a tumble dryer caught fire at lunchtime on Saturday , thought to be because of an excessive build up of materials in the appliance.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to the home in Morgan Close, Willesborough on Saturday 8 January and found the kitchen full of smoke. Using breathing apparatus and a hose reel jet the fire was extinguished. The machine suffered fire damage but there were no reported injuries. 

Anyone with a tumble dryer is encouraged to think about using these tips to keep safe: 

  • always clean your tumble dryer filters regularly – the fluff that builds up can catch fire if not removed
  • some items are not appropriate or the wrong size for tumble drying – check the manufacturers’ instructions particularly if you’re drying quilts or sleeping bags  
  • never leave your tumble dryer running overnight or while you’re out of the house 

By Ed

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