A call operator heard David Hucker fire two shots at 43-year-old Robert Williamson, who called for assistance while the pair argued at a Dartford home in May 2021.

Hucker, 69, of Dartford Road, Dartford, was charged with murder by the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate, a charge he denied. He was found guilty following a trial at Maidstone Crown Court on Monday 20 December and sentenced on the same date. He will serve a minimum term of 26 years’ imprisonment.

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David Hucker

Disagreement at property

At around 9am on Tuesday 11 May, the offender and victim were overheard shouting at each other in Hucker’s garden. Mr Williamson then drove away, with Hucker heard threatening to shoot the victim.

Around three hours later, the victim returned to Hucker’s house with the intention of apologising, however a disturbance took place inside the property.

The dispute led to Mr Williamson dialling 999 for police assistance but, as he spoke on the phone, two loud bangs were heard by the call handler.

Hucker then picked up the handset and told the operator ‘you’d better send a policeman and an ambulance, but I don’t think you’re going to need an ambulance.’

When answering follow up questions, Hucker said he had shot Mr Williamson and that the victim was dead.

Kent Police officers were immediately sent to the scene and found Williamson deceased. He had sustained gunshot wounds to his chest and neck.

Hucker confessed he had killed Mr Williamson to attending officers and was arrested on suspicion of murder. He has been held on remand since.

He had legally possessed firearms for much of his adult life and had always adhered to the requirements placed on him by his firearms licence.

Pre-meditated violence

Detective Chief Inspector Neil Kimber, Kent Police’s senior investigating officer for the case, said: ‘Mr Williamson was needlessly robbed of his life in an act of extreme, pre-meditated and senseless violence.

‘While I am pleased we have now secured a conviction, I am saddened that Mr Williamson’s loved ones have had to relive these events in court. His death has had a profound impact on those that knew him, and our specialist officers have worked hard to provide them with the best possible support.

‘I would also like to commend the actions of the call handler, who was presented with an exceptionally distressing call. Despite the challenges they had to contend with, they completed their duties with exceptional professionalism.

‘Likewise, our attending officers were presented with a harrowing scene, but their diligence meant they were able to safely bring Hucker into custody and secure the scene.’

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