Organised thieves, violent robbers and opportunistic burglars are among the offenders jailed for more than 34 years by a single Kent Police team.

Successful investigations by the Chief Constable’s Crime Squad led to such criminals being jailed for a combined total of 34 years and two months in November 2021.

The same team, which has bases across the county, also made 14 new arrests, and received authority to issue 13 charges, over the same period.

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Chief’s Crime Squad results

Street robber jailed

Among those jailed last month is a Gravesend street robber who pushed a woman in her 60s to the floor before snatching her handbag.

He then used her bank card to buy alcohol from a nearby shop, but a careful review of CCTV by Crime Squad detectives led to him being detained a short time later. He is now serving a sentence totalling three years and nine months.

Equally robust action was taken against two men who stole high value cars during burglaries in Sittingbourne and Gillingham.

One of the offenders was arrested in Chatham after his car became stuck in traffic while he attempted to flee pursuing officers. Between them, they will serve more than seven years in prison.

Serial burglar jailed

A burglar who used a crowbar to target shops in Hadlow, Ashford, Kemsing and Marden was also jailed for two years and three months.

On some occasions, large quantities of cigarettes, alcohol and cash were stolen. An innocent bystander also sustained a hand injury after he was struck by the offender’s getaway vehicle.

And in Canterbury, a burglar who went on to use stolen cards in nine fraudulent transactions was jailed for six-and-a-half years.

He committed 13 offences over an eight-day period, but his criminality was brought to an abrupt end by the Crime Squad after an officer recognised him from CCTV.

Although these cases have concluded, several new suspects are now going through the early stages of the court process.

Among those charged are four men who have each been charged with burgling a home in Chatham, and an additional house in Wainscott. They have each been remanded in custody to attend Maidstone Crown Court in January 2022.

Detective Inspector Martin Williams, from the Crime Squad, said: ‘Custodial prison sentences are consistently being achieved thanks to the quality of the investigations my team are putting together.

‘Removing these high-harm offenders from the street has undoubtedly made our communities safer but equally pleasing is the fact victims are receiving a quality service day in, day out, from my officers.

‘There will be no let-up in our efforts to keep the county safe.’

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